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Old 09-12-2011, 06:22 AM
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Default Difference between Graphic tablet and tablet pc

Please tell me what is the difference between Graphic tablet and tablet computers

I want to make cartoon animations. And also what is difference of cost of the 2 above tablets. I have little bit of information about these:
A graphic tablet is a computer accessory specifically designed for graphic works. With one, you can manipulate line weights very much like a pencil or a brush .In addition to that, it feels much more responsive and natural, and they don’t run on battery power. However, most models force you to look at the screen and draw, and not your hand and paper as you would normally do, so you will need to practice coordinating your hand-eye movements for a while, but after that, graphic tablets are handy.

On the other hand tablet PCs are not designed for artists, mostly they have touch screen functionality. Some are entertainment machines and some are business machinesUnless you opt for the iPad, you will have a complete computer to draw on but they are quite expensive and the screens tend to be small and colors are off because of the extra touch layers on top of the LCD.
Thank You in Advance

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