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Beginning in 1990, with the first version of Adobe Photoshop, DTG has published a monthly section called "Photoshop Tips & Tricks" -- Photoshop 911 became the users forum for asking specific Photoshop questions. Browse at your leisure, but to post, you must be registered.

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Old 02-12-2007, 08:03 AM
christiancampain christiancampain is offline
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Default How do I create a Panorama?

How do I create a panorama, running Photo Shop 7 Windows XP Home Edition?

I could do this easily using the Photomerge tool using Photo Shop Elements 2.0 - but there seems to be no such tool in Photo Shop 7.0.

Please help.
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Old 09-03-2007, 10:09 AM
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Arrow Manual Panoramas in Photoshop 7 or earlier

See: this forum post

However, only 'part' of the "Align Layers" tutorial will be helpful if you only have Photoshop 7.

In 7, you'll need to:

1. Start a new canvas, the height of the photos, and wide enough to accommodate ALL the shots -- across the width of the panorama.

2. Drag in all the shots. (Use the SHIFT key while dragging so they'll fit perfectly top and bottom.

3. Drag each photo (which arrived in its own layer) into position

4. One by one, make slightly transparent so you can see your overlap features -- drag them until the features overlap.

5. Using a selection around the "cut-off" (or deep overlap) portion of the photo, with an appropriate "Feather" command, FEATHER the left and right edges of each overlap to "soften" the transition

6. Adjust (carefully) either sections of, or the left and right sections of the overlaps using the LEVELS command until the color matches (You can also dodge and burn, but that takes some savvy with the tools!)

7. Once all layers are aligned, and color adjusted, make sure they are all set to 100% opacity, Crop and Save As...

I've done it many times, going as far back as Photoshop 3.5 (The first version with layers) and after some practice, you can get them almost perfect.

NOTE: some cameras have a "Panorama" mode... read your manual and USE that mode -- better cameras will adjust the exposure in LOCK position so you don't get the bad exposure shifts the "auto" mode will give you.

Also... Get Derrick's book :

Digital Photography Pocket Guide, 3rd Edition is the best investment you'll make in your digital camera!

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